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Working and Learning / primary school project Bethanien

Applied practical classes in primary schools At present there are applied practical classes at six primary schools in the district of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg. These opportunities are directed especially towards students

  • who are especially able to experience and develop their strengths and competencies by working on practical tasks,
  • who find that hands-on, practically oriented work helps them to master difficult learning situations,
  • who find that working together on practical tasks strengthens their ability to cooperate with other students and encourages them to join in group work,
  • who need intense preparation and support for their transition to secondary school level.

Contents of the applied practical classes The students work and learn with practical tasks that have meaning for them personally, for their family, the class, the school or the school surroundings and the community. They work under professional supervision with materials such as wood, metal, textiles, leather, stone or paper; they help to shape the school garden or design large-scale murals. They experiment, investigate and produce both as individuals and as a team. In this way the students become familiar with their interests, skills and abilities and are encouraged and strengthened to take an active part in learning together in classes.

All of the applied practical classes are closely coordinated with the teachers and can take place in three different forms: there are fixed applied practical groups that regularly work together for a whole school year. There are also class-related or inter-class projects, which are dedicated to applied practical tasks for a limited time span. And there is also the possibility for individual students to further develop their particular interests in certain applied practical areas and participate in individual offers.

Parents are invited and welcome: e.g. to participate in the practical objectives, help with the presentation of the results or with the learning development plans for their children. And on principle, whenever parents have questions, they can always contact the teachers.

The PFH offers applied practical classes at the following primary schools: Otto-Wels-Grundschule, Heinrich-Zille-Grundschule, E.O. Plauen-Grundschule, Nürtingen-Grundschule, Kurt-Schumacher-Grundschule and Lemgo-Grundschule The applied practical options are supported by the youth welfare office, the Zweite Chance (second chance) programme and by the neighbourhood management –Quartiersmanagement.

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