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Kurmärkische Strasse Family Meeting Point

The Kurmärkische Strasse Family Meeting Point offers a broad spectrum of family support services for the inhabitants of northern Schöneberg. There are many families here with migrant backgrounds from many different countries. Our family meeting point reaches out especially to young families with children ranging from babies to youngsters of primary school age.

We offer

In addition to early educational support for children, we offer a large range of help and support services as well as a variety of possibilities for leisure activities. Our family meeting point also has an external PFH family counselling office, a consultation session provided by the children’s and youth health service and a legal advice service focusing on the legal rights of foreigners and family law. In order to ensure that the families receive the best possible support, we lay great emphasis on networking with other institutions within the neighbourhood. For instance, the Family Meeting Point cooperates with the FIPP – Children’s House, the Villa leisure activity centre for children and young people, the neighbourhood management for northern Schöneberg and with the youth welfare office of Tempelhof-Schöneberg. 

Our objective is to continue developing the family centre on the basis of the Early Excellence approach. Our educational work is directed towards promoting the strengths and needs of the children whilst integrating the parents and families into the educational processes of their children. As a low-threshold neighbourhood facility, our family meeting centre pays attention especially to the needs of the many low-income families in the neighbourhood who are not reached by the traditional family centres. We achieve this with a multi-professional team of social workers, educators and a female doctor.

 We offer families in northern Schöneberg:

  • Advice and counselling

  • Educational activities for parents and children

  • Preventive healthcare

  • Opportunities to join in work at the family meeting point

  • Courses and group activities for mothers with accompanying childcare

  • Festivals

  • An open family café

  • School support for primary school children

The Berlin-Schöneberg Multigenerational House

In 2008 the Kurmärkische Strasse Family Meeting Point joined together with two other PFH institutions, the Kiezoase Family and neighbourhood Centre and the Steinmetzstrasse Neighbourhood Centre, to form the Berlin-Schöneberg Multigenerational House as part of the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs’ action programme. The aim of the Berlin-Schöneberg Multigenerational House with its three locations is to help bring together different generations, and with this in mind it offer activities for people of all ages. One important element is to offer people opportunities for civil involvement so that they can enrich the day-to-day work with their experiences.


Kurmärkische Strasse Family Meeting Point
Head: Jutta Husemann
Kurmärkische Strasse 1-3
10783 Berlin

Phone: +49 / (0)30 2579 7538
Fax: +49 / (0)30 3229 9210