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Koralle – therapeutic living communities

Our educational-therapeutic living community options are open to young people aged between 14 and 21. These openings also address the young people’s parents. Many of the young people who come to us have developed behavioural problems or psychiatric symptoms with which the families, or carers in other living communities, are no longer able to cope.

 The symptoms manifested by almost all of the young people who come to us include:

  • Psychiatric symptoms (e.g. psychotic episodes, depression, anxiety disorders, self-mutilation, suicide tendencies)

  • Psychosomatic disorders (e.g. eating disorders)

  • Severe behavioural disturbances (e.g. aggressiveness, school refusal, drug abuse)

 Young people who are mainly suffering from a dependence syndrome (alcohol, drugs etc.), or young people who are very prone to violence, are not included in the Koralle living community project.

 We offer

At Koralle we offer two living communities with 24/7 assistance for young people from the age of 14 (usually up to 19, at most 21 years of age) and assisted independent living (individual assistance and supervision at various levels) and/or combined with ambulant assistance for young people and young adults of 16 years upwards. The assistance offered in our two living communities has similar basic structures. We try to compose the groups with compatible young people whilst avoiding obviously conflicting constellations, and we reflect the specific needs of the particular group in terms of assistance intensity and levels of care provision.

 Our aims

The aims of accommodating young people and young adults in the differentiated areas of Koralle are:

  • Promoting personal psychological and everyday reality-related development processes (self-esteem, autonomy, integration)

  • Strengthening existing, and/or the development of new resources and competencies in self-regulation and independent management of tasks in everyday life

  • Providing support to cope constructively with de-bonding conflicts

  • Clarification of family entanglements and the development of well-defined, but  interrelated perspectives for all of those involved

  • Integration into age-appropriate school, vocational and social contexts.  

The aim is to support the maturing process in the young people by fostering their personal responsibility and helping them to lead their lives independently and outside of psychiatric or social-educational institutions. Despite the severity of the symptoms or disorders, the central thread in our work is the development perspective of Germany’s Child and Youth Services Act (KJHG). There are two things that we try to avoid:

a) the construction of a type of psychiatric framework with (too) many care provisions and (too) little independence
b) concentrating on an exclusive group of clients, i.e. we avoid focusing solely on ‘psychiatric cases’ or primarily on young people with behaviour disorders in the school or vocational context etc.

 Joining a Koralle community

When young people or their families express interest in a place in one of our therapeutic living communities, we cooperate with all the people involved as well as the relevant institutions to define the specific needs. We then decide whether we can make a suitable offer to a young person or family. In addition to the responsible educational specialists, a youth psychologist and a family therapist are also actively involved in the application process. You are welcome to contact our central office by phone. Phone: 030 - 787 11 360.

You can download a brief description of our concept here.

 Our team

The Koralle team has both female and male specialists qualified in social education or as educators. They also have a variety of additional qualifications or psychotherapeutic qualifications (psychology, psychotherapy, child and youth psychology).


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The Koralle therapeutic living communities are organised in the AK TWG - the circle of therapeutic living communities for young people in Berlin, and has been networking with other Berlin facilities for many years. The AK TWG furthers quality development in this sphere, promotes contacts between the facilities and with public youth welfare services, specialist district services, psychiatric clinics for young people, psychotherapists etc. The AK TWG organises a conference for specialists every two years.


You can look at the AK TWG homepage for current information about the facilities, publications and documents. Go to: 

Koralle – Therapeutic Living Groups
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