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Kiezoase Family and Neighbourhood Centre

The Kiezoase Family and Neighbourhood Centre at 65 Barbarossastrasse has been a meeting point for the local inhabitants of Schöneberg for many years. We work in two storeys of a traditional old apartment building and on the adjacent grounds of the PFH. We have dedicated ourselves for years to offering a broad spectrum of leisure, educational and advisory activities and services. 

We offer

Our spectrum offers activities for people of all ages and diverse nationalities. Our programme includes such things as sports, music and dancing activities. Parents can join in Pekip courses with their children or visit other children’s groups. We employ specialists for various advisory services in areas such as legal advice or job seeking, and we offer cultural activities, a babysitter service and regular flea markets or a swap shop. We also run a cosy little café, where you can drop by and meet over a coffee, read or chat and relax. Many of our offers are made possible through the support of honorary helpers and volunteers whose work is coordinated especially by our ‘Invaluable Volunteer Service’. All this has resulted in an extensive neighbourhood network that helps people to find company, inspiration and support. 

Our educational work is based firmly on the Early Excellence approach which is oriented towards the strengths of each individual, highly values the best possible education especially from the youngest age and which spotlights ways to create a good infrastructure within the neighbourhood. When developing our spectrum of offers, we make sure that we continually adapt to the current and individual needs of our visitors.


Berlin-Schöneberg Multigenerational House

As a result of numerous cooperation enterprises the Kiezoase has developed into a widely networked institution. For example, together with two other PFH facilities – the Kurmärkische Strasse Family Meeting Point and the Steinmetzstrasse Neighbourhood Centre – we have formed the Berlin-Schöneberg Multigenerational House as part of the multigenerational houses action programme launched by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs. In three locations we are working to improve the quality of life and the infrastructure for young and old by offering a variety of cross-generational activities. In addition to this, we are involved in creating better integration opportunities in our neighbourhood, especially for the high proportion of inhabitants with non-German roots. In times of demographic change and shifts in social life, our neighbourhood meeting points are a focus for meeting others, civil involvement, assistance and support.

All of the multigenerational houses within the action programme of the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth are represented by sponsors from the spheres of culture, the economy and politics who personally promote the interests of ‘their’ individual houses. The Kiezoase Multigenerational House managed to win over prominent sponsors to its cause, and we would like to thank them most heartily in the name of all the staff for their support.


Kiezoase Family and Neighbourhood Centre
Head: Jutta Burdorf-Schulz
Barbarossastrasse 65
10781 Berlin

Phone: +49 / (0)30 21730 274
Fax: +49 / (0)30 21730 207