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Belziger Strasse Day Care Centre

The PFH’s integration day care centre in Belziger Strasse offers 100 places for young children between 10 months and school starting age. Each care group is made up of children with and without disabilities. Our day care centre lies in Schöneberg at the heart of the neighbourhood between Akazienstrasse and Vorbergstrasse. It is in the rooms of a free-standing house with generous grounds, and it has recently been completely refurbished. The children and educators moved to temporary premises during the modernisation work, and returned to ‘their own’ freshly renovated day care centre in March 2011. The rooms have been enlarged and the layout has been greatly improved. Now, everything is much lighter and the furnishings and equipment are superb. In March 2011 the former PFH day care centre from Eisenacher Strasse moved in beneath same roof at Belziger Strasse. Our two day care centres have been joined together to form the integrated Belziger Strasse Day Care Centre.


Our educational work

The aim of our educational work is to promote the all-round development of the children, based on the Early Excellence approach. In our mixed-age groups with children at quite different stages of development, each child can experiment, discover and develop its own abilities. We also use the Early Excellence methods of observation and documentation to support the children’s development. One major aspect of our work is to give the children positive support in their social and contact behaviour, to show them ways and possibilities of building action skills as responsible young individuals when together with other children. Our objective is that all of the children should feel respected and valued, both with their interests and strengths and with their weaknesses.


We hold regular conversations with parents about the development of their children. This is an essential element of our collaboration with the parents and other people close to the children. The rooms of the day care centre have been designed in keeping with the Berlin Educational Programme and are thus excellently equipped for a great variety of play and occupational activities which we encourage with a combination of the open approach and work in small groups. Our centre also has an inner courtyard with many opportunities for creativity, an ergotherapy and movement room and a woodwork and pottery workshop. We also have a painting and crafts studio, a room with psychomotor facilities, a bathroom with a therapeutic tub and a relaxation room.


Our team includes

  • Educators

  • Specialist educators for integration

  • And one ergotherapist


Opening hours

Our day care centre is open Monday to Friday from 7 am to 5 pm.


Kita Belziger Strasse
Team leader: Kathrin Di Luccio, deputy team leader: Andrea Horst
Belziger Strasse 12-14
10823 Berlin

Phone: +49 / (0)30 7819 411
Fax: +49 / (0)30 4848 2367