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Barbarossastrasse Day Care Centre

At the moment we care for 70 young children here ranging from 18 months up to school starting age. The centre is at the heart of the Schöneberg neighbourhood and is located on the ground floor of an old Berlin residential building. The idyllic garden in the rear courtyard backs onto the grounds of the Pestalozzi Fröbel Haus. 

Focusing on the children’s strengths

We work with the Early Excellence approach. This means that we concentrate our educational work on the individual strengths and abilities of the children. We offer them a broad range of opportunities to discover themselves and to experiment with their own competencies. Our work with the children is based on an open approach in rooms that we have designed in keeping with the themes in the Berlin Educational Programme. A special emphasis of our work lies in observing and documenting the early childhood learning processes. Based on the Early Excellence concept, all of our educators observe the children at regular intervals. These observations are written down and discussed together by the team of educators. Afterwards, each child receives an individual offer that is suited to his or her preferences and interests. Preparations, the observation process and the results are kept in an individual development file which the parents can view whenever they wish.


Working with the parents

We hold regular development conversations with the parents based on our observations. This intense and trusting collaboration with parents is a key element of our concept. We work with a familiarisation concept that enables the children and the parents to gradually become accustomed to the new environment and, most importantly, to the educators. The individual induction steps are always discussed with the parents and individually tailored to the needs of the children.

 Everyday activities

Another of our main interests is to encourage these big-city children to learn how to experience and grasp their environment with all of their senses. Our room designs and the wonderful outdoor grounds invite them to do this and much more as well. In addition to the opportunities we offer for the children to play, make, experiment and discover, we also embark on outside activities beyond the centre. Whatever the weather, our forest project takes us to the Grunewald all year round, and on activity days we discover such things as the opera, theatres, museums and exhibitions, or gardening schools and farms. Activity days also include shopping at the market and discovering the local neighbourhood as well as the children’s home environments. Naturally, this means we learn how to use public transport and road safety rules. Ecology is another important aspect of our work with the children. True to the Pestalozzi Fröbel Haus tradition, the educators and children work together to shape and care for the centre’s own garden landscape. The annual rhythms of sowing, weeding and harvesting are a natural part of everyday life. 

Our work is based on very close teamwork which is supported by regular team meetings and further education. We collaborate with the Kiezoase Family and Neighbourhood Centre, which is based in the same grounds, and are currently working together to open up our day care centre to form a children’s and family centre. As a PFH institution we are also involved in developing quality standards for day care centres.


The Pestalozzi Fröbel Haus publishes films with a variety of themes. There is a DVD (in German) about the work of the Barbarossastrasse day care centre: ‘Kindern auf der Spur: Kita-Pädagogik als Blickschule’. The film shows children, how they learn through play, how they reach agreements and negotiate roles. It also shows how they can be individually encouraged in their development.


Opening hours

Our day care centre is open Monday to Friday from 7 am to 5 pm.


Barbarossastrasse Day Care Centre
Head: Simone Paganini, deputy head: Anne Bergmann
Barbarossastrasse 64
10781 Berlin

Phone: +49 / (0)30 21730 - 261
Fax: +49 / (0)30 21730 - 192


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