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All day care at Fichtelgebirge Primary School

Fichtelgebirge Primary School lies in the Wrangel neighbourhood in Berlin-Kreuzberg. The school currently has 346 students whose welfare is taken care of by the teachers, the head and deputy head of the school, and eleven specialist educators from the Pestalozzi Fröbel Haus. Around 70 per cent of the children at Fichtelgebirge Primary School come from families with a non-German native language. 

Cooperation with the Pestalozzi Fröbel Haus in the area of complementary care was established in August 2005. In addition to all day care, the Pestalozzi Fröbel Haus has been running the ‘Schulstation’ at Fichtelgebirge Primary School since 2011. The ‘Schulstation’ is a centre for children and parents who need support, seek advice, or would like to see their wishes and suggestions integrated into everyday life at the all day school. The PFH is also responsible for applied practical classes at Fichtelgebirge Primary School where students can discover and experiment with their practical talents.

 Our commitment

Within the educational framework we are especially dedicated to targeted language support, to promoting the children’s social competencies, to working closely with the parents and including them in their children’s learning processes. Networking within the neighbourhood is also important to us, and we cultivate cooperation with various institutions in Kreuzberg. We are also taking part in the ‘Learning and Living Democracy’ programme of the BLK - Federal Government/Federal States Commission on Educational Planning.

 We are committed to ensuring that children can experience education in an interestingly diversified and holistic way. The contributing measures are as follows:

    • The rooms for complementary care are designed as functional spaces that offer the children possibilities for a great variety of experiences.

    • All of the staff at Fichtelgebirge Primary School join in regular exchanges and value intense educational cooperation very highly.

    • The Early Excellence approach is the guiding educational concept of all of the Pestalozzi Fröbel Haus institutions. During the school induction phase the central elements of the Early Excellence approach are the perception of the children’s individual competencies and potentials, the inclusion of the parents in mutual learning processes and the opening up of the school towards the neighbourhood. We also see the interlinking of all three aspects in the elementary and primary area as an essential precondition for providing children with targeted and differentiated support.





A film has been made about the work of the Pestalozzi Fröbel Haus at Fichtelgebirge Primary School as part of the ‘Kamera-Ethnographischen Studien’ series: ‘Regel Bau Stelle - Wie wird Schule verbindlich?’ Children, parents and members of the educational staff have developed a set of rules in a two-year process. The aim is to create a just and fair school.


All day care at Fichtelgebirge primary School
Head: Irina Holdenried, Görlitzer Ufer 2, 10997 Berlin, Phone: +49 / (0)30 -225 02 - 887
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